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John Conner
Trailer Sales Manager
135 Lincoln Ave.
Prospect Park, PA 19076
Office: 610-534-0700
Cell: 302-521-2601

Roger Brothers Corporation has been building trailers since 1905. With over 110 years experience, they truly build “The Ultimate in Trailers”.

Stephenson Equipment offers Rogers Trailers to cover your hauling needs. Choose a series below to find the perfect trailer to haul your equipment.

Rogers Tag-Along Series

The Tag-Along Series offers six different rear-loading models. This series ranges in capacity from 21 US Tons to 25 US Tons. Entry level trailers in this series are built with 2 axles and start at 19′ Long. Available with 2 or 3 axles. Rogers Trailers have the longest drawbar in the class, giving their tag-along trailers better handling and load distribution. The two-speed landing gear has a 50,000 lb. lift capacity and 70,000 static capacity. Rogers Tag-Along trailers are built with extra-long, 72″ beavertail loading ramps that can be adjusted laterally to load machines of various widths. The pintle eye adjusts to accommodate various heights using only standard shop tools. All models in this series come with oak decking and heavy duty frames. Rogers Tag-along trailers can be custom built for your machinery.

Rogers Ultima Series

Rogers offers the Ultima Series of detachable gooseneck trailers in the 35 – 55 Ton class. The “No Foot®” self-lifting detachable gooseneck lifts the rated load with ease using low pressures. The platform deck of the Ultima Series is made of air-dried oak and has an open center. The “bucket pocket” allows to user to haul their excavator without hassle. The”boom trough” is built to handle an excavator’s boom to improve overhead clearance. The bridge ramps and heavy-duty trunnions are built to haul equipment on the rear frame. Other standard features include air ride suspension, anti-lock braking system, spring parking brakes on each axle, and LED lights.

Rogers Dropside Series

Rogers Dropside Decks are available on all detachable gooseneck models from 35 – 100 Ton capacity. This series uses the same “No Foot®” self-lifting detachable gooseneck technology as the Ultima Series. Dropside Decks are built with shallower crossbeams, making them 6″ – 8″ lower than standard decks. Optional wheel wells can add up to 5″ more of overhead clearance. Removable side brackets can add 12″ of width to the trailer. “Bucket Pocket” and “Boom Trough” are built standard. Air ride suspension with height control is standard. The dropside decks can also be built with Rogers’ CobraNeck multi-ride height detachable gooseneck. Call today to have the perfect dropside trailer built for your heavy equipment.

Rogers Fixed Gooseneck Series

Rogers Fixed Gooseneck lowboy trailers start in the 35 US Ton class and can be custom built to haul up to 100 Tons.These “carry all” style trailers are convenient for their rear loading capability, spacious level deck, and sloped access to the gooseneck. Larger Fixed Gooseneck trailers allow for hauling on the gooseneck. Extra-long loading ramps with 14° beavertail are easy to handle because of dual springs that are built into the hinges. They can also be adjusted laterally. Spring brakes on both axles and 4S/2M anti-lock braking system allow for optimum stopping capability. Fixed Gooseneck Trailers can be customized to meet your needs, call John Conner for more information.

Rogers Blacktop Series

The Rogers Blacktop series is built with the paving professional in mind. These trailers are made for pavers and rollers, but can handle bigger equipment as well, such as bulldozers and excavators.

The 35 Ton “Sloper” is Rogers’ front loading blacktop trailer with a 5° slope. It uses the “No Foot®” Direct-Push gooseneck to lift the load placed anywhere on the deck.

The 35-50 Ton “Gentle Riser” trailer is the ultimate trailer for the paving professional. The 16° incline of the rear deck makes it easy to haul pavers and small rollers. The standard front ramps make create a low angle approach to the deck and then fold up, out of the way.  The “Bucket Pocket” standard on the 50 Ton “Gentle Risers” makes it possible to carry excavators, as well. The “No Foot®” self-lifting detachable gooseneck operates with low pressures to lift the rated load. Removable swinging side brackets and bent lashing D’s are standard on the “Gentle Riser”.

Standard features for the “Sloper” and the “Gentle Riser” include Air-Dried Oak Decking, Bent Lashing D’s, Tread Plate Wheel Covers, LED Light Package, Spring Parking Brakes, and Flag Holders.

Custom built trailers are available; call for more information.

Rogers Specialized Series

Every trailer Rogers builds is customizable. Rogers has built specialized trailers with up to a 150 Ton capacity.

Call Stephenson Equipment’s Trailer Sales Manager, John Conner, at 610-534-0700, to help you build the right trailer to fit your needs.