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Felling Trailers

Felling Trailers


John Conner
Trailer Sales Manager
135 Lincoln Ave.
Prospect Park, PA 19076
Office: 610-534-0700
Cell: 302-521-2601

Felling Trailers have been in production since 1974 and have become known for their quality and craftsmanship. Felling is the only trailer producer that offers Air Ramp.

Felling Air Ramp

Air Ramps save your back & body! Exclusively from Felling!

EZLoad – Self Powered – Air from Truck

– No Outside Power Source Needed

– Hydraulic Bi-Fold Available

Watch the video below to see Felling’s Air Ramp system in action!

Felling Drop Deck Utility Trailers

Felling offers ramp and tilt varieties of Drop Deck trailers.

The drop-deck ramp trailers are available in several different models, with weight capacities ranging from 1,800 lb. to 24,000 lb. and deck lengths starting at 16′ long.

Felling also offers tilting drop-deck trailers. The tilt deck makes it easy to haul smaller equipment without having to deal with ramps.

Call John Conner for more information on Felling’s Drop-Deck designs.

Felling Light Utility Trailers

As a sub-category of the Drop-Deck Series, Felling offers light utility trailers for the homeowner, landscaper, or contractor. Felling’s light utility trailers are steel and built in a pan-style side construction. They are built to handle your small equipment such as lawnmowers and four-wheelers.

Felling Rigid Neck Semi-Trailers

Felling offers several different series of the Rigid Neck Semi-Trailer, including: the MX series, the Narrow Neck series, the RGT Semi Tilt Series, the X-Force Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck series, the Perimeter Frame – Hydraulic Tail series, and the Tilt Slide Axle series. Call John Conner today to see which trailer will best haul your equipment.

Felling Paver Trailers

Fellings’ Rigid Neck Trailers can be customized to fit your paver’s needs. Options include 20°, 30°, and 45° 9′ upper decks and hydraulic bi-fold paver ramps.

Felling Hydraulic Dump Trailers

Felling’s builds Hydraulic Dump Trailers for every application. Models include Drop-Deck, Drop-Deck Heavy Duty, Drop-Deck Stationary Platform, Drop-Deck Side Dump, Deck-Over, Deck-Over Contractor, and Deck-Over Construction. Popular options include dump gates, gas powered engines, and tarp deck covers.

Felling Deck-Over Tag Trailers

Felling offers ramp and tilt Deck-Over Tag Trailers.

Ramp Deck-Over Tag options include Low-Profile pierced frames and Industrial stacked frames.

Tilt options include Air Tilt, Hydraulic Tilt, and RGT Semi Tilt.

Call John Conner to discuss all of the possible options available for Felling’s Tag trailers.