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The Walsh Truck Build Advantage

The Walsh Truck Build Advantage

Built to Your Needs.
No cookie cutter, stamp’em out mass produced bodies in our truck builds

Work with our truck experts to get the build you need, we work with two of the premier manufacturers in the industry J&J and Super City based right here in PA. If you rely on truck equipment to get your job done, then you can count on Walsh Truck Equipment.

Let’s take a walk around some of our builds and see the advantages

In the Cab

Ergonomics are key, comfortable positioning to your needs and easy to use controls.

Galvanized cab boxes to custom brackets, we want you comfortable. All our hose entry holes in the cab are sealed with both sound proofing and waterproof materials.

Center consoles, cup holders are re-mounted for your convenience.

Dual knob spreader valve.

Sealed electronics box.


The Body

We work with both J&J, and Super City, two of the industry’s premier manufacturers and they are located right here in Pennsylvania. Their local knowledge combined with our truck experts guarantee you a build that will withstand the rigors that our harsh Pennsylvania weather conditions will put it through.

Steel wire welded, cross member-less 304 stainless steel body,
including the floor. We don’t use lower grade Stainless like some
competitors, those lower grades just don’t stand up to the everyday wear and will rust and cause issues.

Cross member-less design is stronger and lighter.

Welded on load bearing 304 stainless cab shield, not bolted on.

The cross member-less design allows a much stronger connection for our standard 8” diameter lift cylinder. Our stronger connection makes for a noticeable increase in lift capabilities and less stress on the lift cylinder. Most competitors use weaker welded tab connections and 6” diameter lift cylinders leading to increased lift stress and cylinder failure.


We include a 2 YEAR Warranty on hydraulics.

We feature a standard aluminum hydraulic fluid tank. We run all
our hydraulics through the filter on this tank. We have the filter
located where it is easy to access and positioned in a protected
profile on the truck.

We use Parker hydraulic hoses, cut to specific lengths so there
is no “wrapping” or “bird nesting” in our runs. None of our hydraulic lines are tied to any factory truck lines like power steering or gas lines, or wiring harnesses.

Our fittings are zinc coated for rust prevention.

All our lines are protected at all possible rub points. The plow lines
are protected from rocks and cut damage by a Kevlar sleeve and
are mounted to the frame by special brackets. By not just attaching it to gas lines, power steering lines or wiring harnesses saves you extra time and labor charges if the truck has to go back in to the dealer for repair or normal servicing.

Where lines go into the cab to the controller we use hose protection with sound dampening material and seal it watertight to keep the cab comfort to a maximum and road noise to a minimum.

All our lines and T’s for the spreader are mounted on the steel frame and kept off the gas tank and gas lines to prevent rub through, unlike some of our competitors builds.

Couplers & Wiring Harnesses

Welded on special made brackets on our builds make for easy-reach connect/disconnect couplers for both the spreader
and the plow.

Wiring harnesses are tucked and zip-tied with proper lengths left for easy connect/disconnect.

All our wiring and anything with a relay are sealed and we use a non-corrosive spray for extra protection.

Mounting Hardware

We feature custom spreader brackets made to fit around any required lighting, using all stainless steel hardware, stainless spreader supports shimmed out with all stainless hardware to reduce torque and wear. We bolt the spreader mount pins slightly loose so no need to have to hammer out pins.