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First Time Renters

First Time Renters & General Information

What can I expect if I rent from SEI?

You can expect a clean, safe, late-model, reliable machine accompanied by friendly, helpful service.

Why should I rent?

Renting gives you the opportunity to use a machine that you do not use enough to justify adding it to your fleet. This saves you thousands of dollars. If you are thinking of buying a machine you can rent it to help to decide if you want to purchase it. Rental expenses are usually deductible as a business expense on your income taxes.

What about Credit & Insurance?

Prior to the release of the machine, the renter must complete an SEI credit application and be approved for credit. Renter shall provide a certificate of insurance in accordance with the Terms & Conditions contained in the Rental Agreement/Contract.

Will SEI deliver the equipment?

Upon your request SEI can arrange the delivery and pick-up of rental equipment.

What if my rental machine breaks down?

If your rental machine breaks down give us a call and we will get to you as soon as possible. We have over 60 mechanics and 30 fleet repair vehicles. We have millions of dollars of parts in-stock to get you back to work!

Want to rent? – Let’s Get Started

Give us a call at 1-800-325-6455 or contact the SEI location nearest to you and we will get you into the right machine for your job.

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SEI Credit App
(SEI Credit App is required for rentals.)