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SEI Crane Inspection Advantage

SEI Crane Inspection Advantage

SEI Performs Both Crane & Carrier Inspections

Your Crane will be Fully Compliant to State and Federal Regulations

When you have your Boom Truck, Truck Crane, or All Terrain Crane inspected at SEI, the crane will be OSHA certified and the carrier will be certified to meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association regulations. Most other crane inspectors do not do the FMCSA inspection. Although these cranes are exempt from PA state inspections, they still must have a FMCSA inspection sticker.

Crane Carrier Inspection State & Federal Regulations Simplified

All over-sized truck crane and all-terrain cranes are exempt from registration in PA because they run on trip permits. Permitted cranes do not require PA registration. These cranes are also exempt from the PA State inspection process. The reason companies will register these cranes with SME (Special Mobile Equipment) registration is many surrounding states require a registration number for the crane to travel into another state.

Because these permitted and SME cranes are exempt from the PA state vehicle inspection, these machines fall under the Federal Regulation that covers the inspection of “commercial motor vehicles”. This regulation is in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation. All commercial motor vehicles must be inspected, regardless of where they are at in the country.

The PA Vehicle Inspection covers all FMCSA requirements so cranes that have a PA Vehicle Inspection do not need to be inspected twice.

SEI Inspectors Are Fully Insured

Crane inspection is a profession and liability does not end when the inspector leaves the site

To be insured properly, SEI inspectors are insured with General Liability insurance and Professional Liability insurance.Professional Liability insurance is generally called “Errors and Omissions” insurance. This insurance is very expensive and most other crane inspectors do not have this insurance. DOES YOURS?

SEI Inspectors are Certified & Trained

All of our inspectors are Certified Inspectors by the NCCCO and are continually trained on crane and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association inspection regulations.

SEI Provides Thorough Inspection Reports

After your crane is inspected by SEI, you will have two comprehensive inspection reports that itemize every checkpoint on the crane and the carrier that was inspected

Any required actions will be clearly marked for you to review. The reports will include pictures of deficiencies. Our factory trained SEI service technicians can assist you with any repairs your crane may need.

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