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Introducing Mike Stanton

Meet Mike Stanton

Mike Stanton is the newest member of Stephenson Equipment’s OSHA Inspection Team. Mike will be operating out of the Wilkes-Barre branch location in Pittston, PA. He brings with him his knowledge of operating heavy equipment and cranes in the oilfield industry, so he has the experience of running equipment. Mike has been with our company for several months completing his necessary certifications.

Mike also has experience with running his own successful landscaping business for 5+ years, making him a well rounded person suited well for working with our team of inspectors. Mike shares a passion for safety and looks forward to working with customers in the eastern and northeastern regions of Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

So please welcome Mike when he is there to perform inspections on your machines. Mike is proud to deliver the OSHA Crane Inspection Advantage for Stephenson that is head and shoulders above others starting with the fact that all our inspectors like Mike are Fully Insured, Certified and Trained. SEI’s inspectors are CERTIFIED INSPECTORS by the NCCCO and are continually trained on crane and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association inspection regulations.SEI’s inspectors are insured with General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. Professional Liability insurance is generally called “Errors and Omissions” insurance. NOTE: Professional Liability Insurance is very expensive and most other crane inspectors DO NOT have this insurance. Stephenson Equipment believes that because Crane Inspection is a profession and liability does not end when the inspector leaves the site.

Another inspection advantage with a Stephenson Equipment Inspection and possibly one of the most important features of a Stephenson inspection is thorough inspection reports with digital documents and records.

  • After your crane is inspected you WILL HAVE TWO Comprehensive inspection reports that itemize every checkpoint on the CRANE & CARRIER that were inspected.
  • Any required actions will be clearly marked. The reports WILL INCLUDE photos of deficiencies.
  • Copies of reports and records whenever and wherever you need them

To contact Stephenson about getting your inspection program on auto-pilot or to talk to use about multiple machine discounts click here…