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Tarco Equipment

Tarco Equipment

Tarco Products Available from Stephenson Equipment

New Tarco equipment is available at our Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, Syracuse, and Albany locations!

Leaf Loaders

Fall is right around the corner. Is your leaf machine ready? View our leaf loader maintenance checklist.

Typhoon Series Now Available on Peterbilt 220 Cab-Over!

Click the image to the left for more information on the Windy 100 and the Windy 400.

Tarco offers two models in the Hurricane series, the Hurricane 1000 and the Hurricane 4000. Click for more information on both of these units.

The Typhoon series contains 2 customizable models that range in size from 14 to 30 cubic yards of box capacity. Water injection is also available. For more information, click the picture.

All Season Dump Bodies

The T-2000 is built for low profile applications and can be mounted on medium and heavy trucks. Features a side dump material spreader with an integral conveyor and spinner assembly for salt and sand. Click for more details.

The T-3000 offers the same features as the T-2000, but it is built for heavy duty, single or tandem axle trucks. Click the image to view the product guide.

The T-4000 offers the same great features of the 2000 and the 3000, but with wider conveyors. Read the product guide for more information on this great dump body.

Ice & Snow Control V-Box Spreaders

The Highlander Spreader is great for ice and snow control. Great for salt, sand, chips, and mixtures. Click the picture for more details.
The Salt & Pepper Spreader is available with gas, hydraulic, or electric power units and can fit a variety of dump truck sizes. For more details, click on the button to the left.

The Highlander Jr. Gas/Hydraulic model can fit a variety of trucks, including pick-up trucks. For more specs, click the link to the left to view the product brochure.

The Higlander Jr. Electric, is a smaller, electric version, of the Highlander model. Click on the button for more information on this useful machine.