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OSHA Crane Operator Qualifications

OSHA Crane Operator “Qualifications”

Let SEI Help Your Company Comply with OSHA’s New Crane Regulation

Crane operator employer requirements to ensure their crane operators are certified and/or licensed, and evaluated went into effect February 7, 2019

OSHA Subpart CC clearly defines the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their crane operators are qualified to operate their specific cranes.

This responsibility can be summarized as the employers duty to ensure their operators are: trained, certified and/or licensed on the type of crane they will operate, and evaluated on each specific crane they will operate.

Stephenson Equipment’s Training and OSHA Inspection Department offers: comprehensive training classes, the NCCCO Certification programs, documented crane operator evaluations, and OSHA Inspections to keep you, your equipment and your crane operators compliant with the new OSHA Crane Regulation.

Contact: Ray Feidt
Corporate Inspection/Training Manager