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Prep Courses for CCO Certification

Prep Courses for CCO Certification

CCO Training Feature

Stephenson Equipment, Inc (SEI) fully endorses the national crane operator certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). We offer several classroom training facilities and practical training facilities in Pennsylvania for the advancement and skills training required to become a certified crane operator certified within the OSHA recognized NCCCO standards.

SEI is now utilizing a VR Crane Simulator, in conjunction with real cranes, in our hands on crane operator training programs.
The simulator will minimize down time and also provide candidates with real life lifting experiences along with the virtual NCCCO Practical Exam. Find out more

See the Training Courses We Offer to Prep for CCO Certification Exams – Click Here…

NCCCO / CCO Testing Prep Course Objectives

The NCCCO crane operator certification program is recognized by OSHA as demonstrating that the certified crane operator meets OSHA’s requirements for crane operator proficiency.

The NCCCO crane operator certification program offered by Stephenson Equipment, Inc is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and accepted as the “gold standard” to promote safe crane operations nationwide.

The NCCCO certification is recognized by many states that require crane operators to be licensed.

To help keep your operators and work site safe; we offer complete operator training programs to prepare your crane operators for the CCO certification exams. Our program is designed to promote excellence in operators and to eliminate paper work for you.

Stephenson Equipment, Inc assists those interested in becoming a certified crane operator by:

  • Providing three days of on-site or remote training for the written exam
  • Coordinating administration of the exam on the fourth day
  • Scheduling the required practical exam
  • Administering all the paperwork required for crane operator certification.

How to Apply to Train for  NCCCO / CCO Testing

SEI offers a complete package for crane operator certification. See our Courses

To get started on your path towards becoming a certified crane operator contact:

Chris Traino
Phone: 1-800-325-6455 ext 1154

For additional information on becoming a NCCCO certified crane operator please see below.

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