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The Evolution of the 40-55 Ton Crane: Roadability of a Boom Truck, Capacity of a Truck Crane




The NTC55 represents the evolution of crane features that combine to offer superior machine utilization, performance, and operator comfort.

• The National NTC55128 is the first truck mounted crane to feature Hydraulically Removable Counterweights with load charts for up to four different counterweight configurations including (0 lb.) counterweight, (3,000 lb.) counterweight, (4,250 lb.) counterweight and (5,500 lb.) counterweight. This offers you the maximum flexibility to meet your job requirements and the maximum flexibility to meet roading travel configurations as well.

• The National NTC55128 offers another industry first. It is the first truck mounted crane to offer four position outriggers allowing greater flexibility to accommodate various job site applications:
• This will include full span outriggers of 24’ 3”
• Three quarter span outriggers of 20’ which replicates the 40 ton truck cranes and  offers an equivalent 40 ton truck crane load chart with 5,500 lb. of counterweight
• Mid span outriggers of 16’ 1”
• Retracted outriggers of 7’ 1”

• The National NTC55128 offers an exclusive tilting operators cab with the ability to tilt up to 20 degrees offering the benefit of greater visibility and maximum comfort for the operator.

• The first 55 Ton Truck Mounted Crane that will achieve a road weight under 73,280 lbs. making it road legal in Pennsylvania without a permit.

• The National NTC55128 is mounted on a purpose built Peterbilt 365 SFFA chassis provided by the Peterbilt Motors Company. This chassis is engineered and built specifically to meet stringent weight requirements for roading without compromising durability and performance.

• The National NTC55128 is the first truck mounted crane to offer all of the features listed above in a package that offers you a full power 128’ ft. Main Boom and a 26’ ft. Offsettable Jib with an offset of 30 degrees. Maximum tip height of 162’.

• Standard equipment includes Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Quick Reeve Boom Head, 360° Rotation Lock, and Air Conditioned Cab.

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This is the first crane in its class that offers four position outriggers. This includes a 20 ft. outrigger position that makes this crane comparable to a 40 Ton hydraulic truck crane.

The NTC55128 features an exclusive tilting cab not offered on any other National Crane model. The cab tilts to 20° to provide maximum comfort and operator visibility.



The NTC55128 offers the exclusive flexibility of three removable counterweight: one 3,000 lb. and two 1,250 lb. counterweights. This gives you the flexibility of having load charts for 0 lb., 3,000 lb., 4,250 lb., and 5,500 lb. counterweight. This allows for maximum road flexibility and if the job doesn’t require the full counterweight, it doesn’t even need to be carried along.

The National NTC55128 is mounted on a purpose built Peterbilt 365 Set Forward Front Axle chassis powered by a 500 H.P. Cummins Diesel and your choice of an 18 Speed Eaton Fuller Manual Transmission or an 18 Speed Eaton Fuller Ultrashift Plus Transmission. The chassis has a compact wheelbase and short overall bumper-to-bumper length to enhance maneuverability and reduce overall weight.

Every component of the chassis has been chosen specifically to manage the overall weight and roadability of the NTC55128: from the Pete 365 SFFA
model to the frame, crossmembers, engine, aluminum wheels and tire options.
We understand the importance and value of roadability without the customer sacrificing performance and durability.