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LeeBoy Equipment

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New LeeBoy equipment is available at our Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, Syracuse, and Albany locations.

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Asphalt Pavers


The 1000G is LeeBoy’s Tilting Hopper asphalt paver. Click the link to the left to find out more about this model.
The 5000 Path Master is built with a 5 to 9 foot screed to complete smaller paving jobs. Click the button to find out how a 5000 can help you get your job done.


The 7000B conveyor paver is equipped with an 8 to 13 foot heated & vibrating Legend screed. View the product guide by clicking on the image to the left.
The 8500C offers a paving width of up to 15 feet. Powered by a 74 HP Kubota engine. Click on the image to find out more.


The 8510C is powered by a 85 HP Cummins engine, has an 8 to 15 foot screed and has hydraulic operating controls.  7.5 Ton capacity. Click for more details.


The 8515C is powered by a 85 HP Cummins engine, has an 8 to 15 foot screed and has electronic hydraulic operating controls. It can be set up for high deck or low deck in the field. 7.5 Ton capacity. Click the picture to the left for more details.
The LeeBoy 8616B has a 99 HP Kubota engine and has a 9 Ton capacity. It is equipped with 8 to 15 foot Legend 816HD electric screed. View the product guide by clicking on the picture.


The 8816B is LeeBoy’s largest paver, with a 130 HP engine and a 15.5 foot paving width. It has a 10 Ton capacity and a high deck configuration. Click for more information.

Motor Graders


The 685C Motor Grader is powered by a 110 HP Cummins Tier 3 engine. It is equipped with a 10 foot sliding moldboard and a rear mounted scarifier. View he product guide to learn more.

 Force Feed Loaders

The 3000B is great for snow, soil, millings or other windrowed materials. It is powered by a Cummins 130 HP Tier 3 engine. Find out more by clicking the link!

 Tack Distributors

The L150 is a 150 gallon capacity asphalt distributor powered by a 4.8 HP Honda engine. Click to the left for more details.
The L250 has a 250 gallon capacity. View the product brochure for more information.


The L500 has a 500 gallon capacity and is equipped with electric brakes and can be built with a ball or pintle hitch. Click the picture for more specs.


The LeeBoy 400 asphalt vibratory roller has 40 inch split-front drum/ 44 inch rear drum. It has a 25 HP Kubota engine and 2.5 Ton static weight. The 400 can be built with an optional tow package. Find out more by clicking on the image on the left.
The 420 pneumatic roller has a 9 wheel design and an operating weight of 2.5 to 3.1 Tons. For more info, click on the picture.


The LeeBoy 1200B is a multi-purpose machine that is built with a grinder, paving screed, shoulder building attachment, and tack tank. Find out more information by clicking the image on the left.