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Dielectric Testing

Why Should Aerial Devices Be Tested and Inspected?

All aerial devices are designed and built with industry adequate safety systems and factors, however things like in-service accidents, overloads and normal fatigue can cause problems to develop. Combine those factors with the OSHA and ANSI requirements of annual inspections, you can see that a regularly scheduled inspection and testing program makes good business sense. Regular inspection and testing can identify developing problems before they cause injury or downtime. Early identification of defects are less expensive to repair than if they are left to develop into major failures. You can experience significant monetary savings by using an inspectors written test reports to have repairs, rebuilds and remounting done.

Dielectric Testing and Inspection
Stephenson Equipment provides annual inspections and dielectric testing that can verify that the machines upper and lower booms, buckets and liners are electronically insulated, meeting OSHA 1010.67 (c) (3) regulation and ANSI A92.2 standard.

Highly Trained Inspectors
This Testing is completed by Stephenson’s highly trained and courteous inspectors.

Set Your Testing & Inspection Program on Auto-Pilot with Stephenson Equipment
Stephenson can inspect your fleet and automatically notify you when your annual inspections are due. Contact Us Today!

Multiple Machine Testing & Inspection Discounts Available!

Flat Rate Inspections with Dielectric Testing Available
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OSHA Inspection, Dielectric Testing

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