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3CX15 Backhoe Loader: Roadability + Stability = Efficiency

3CX15 Backhoe Loader: Roadability + Stability = Efficiency

Derry Township Public Works Finds Efficiency in Their JCB 3CX15’s Roadability and Stability



In 2016, Derry Township Public Works (Hershey, PA) purchased their first JCB, a brand new JCB 3CX15 backhoe. The JCB 3CX15 offers 15’ dig depth plus extend-a-hoe, a 109 H.P. turbocharged diesel engine, and a 6 speed transmission. They hadn’t bought a new backhoe in about 20 years. Tom Clark, Director of Public Works, compared the advancements in backhoes over the last 20 years to the advancements in automobiles, mentioning that driving a JCB is like driving a Cadillac compared to their previous backhoe.

The Swatara Creek, which eventually dumps into the Susquehanna River, runs right through Derry Township. Derry Township Public Works uses their backhoe for excavating storm pipes and storm drain repair. Their Crew Leader, Max Hauck, noted, “The JCB is so stable, we don’t need to put the outriggers down to lift the storm drains.” They are able to save a lot of time because of this. They also use a clam shell bucket on occasion to pick up trees. “It has plenty of power for anything we need to do”, Max said.


The biggest selling factor for them was roadability and visibility. Dillon Kessler, one of Derry Township Public Work’s Operators, said, “We can go fast down the road and safely see all around us. It is definitely the best road machine.”  Their backhoe has never been on a trailer. With the 109 HP turbocharged diesel engine and the 6 speed transmission, they can go 30 mph down the road. Their 3CX15 is equipped with a floating bucket option, so the ride is smooth, too. “We were sold within 5 minutes of demoing it”, Max added, “Without a doubt, it really is nice to ride down the road”.

Derry Township Public Works also noted that they are able to do their own service work on the backhoe because they are so low maintenance. The combination of roadability, stability, vision, and power makes this the perfect machine for them.  Max concluded, “Overall, we really like this backhoe.”


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